Webster Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization - the PTO

Our Mission: This organization shall work with the school to enhance the educational process by offering both volunteer and financial support.
Our next PTO meeting is June 11th at 6:30p in the Art and Music Room   Click to Get in Touch!!

There are a few more Popcorn Friday's coming up, bring $.50 on the following dates!!

May 17th, May 31st, and June 14th
We had a FULL BOARD in 2018/2019 which made our work much easier, but have positions to fill for the coming year!! Please contact us if you want to be a part of this great team and make school the education your kid deserves!

The Team
President – Christine Douglas
Vice President – Tammy Piper
Treasurer – Sarah Mason
Secretary – Denise Frost
Volunteer Coordinator – Angie Wolinski
Supplemental Income Coordinator – Theresa Barger

What is the Webster Elementary School PTO?

The WES PTO is a group of volunteers dedicated to support the Webster Elementary School. As with any PTO organization, we do our fair share of fundraising for the school, but we also do lots of other things to enhance the school community experience for our students and their families. 

Our Mission:

This organization shall work with the school to enhance the educational process by offering both volunteer and financial support.

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Meeting Minutes for May 2019
Thank-you to everyone who participated in the Town Wide Yard Sale either in hosting a yard sale or coming out to shop! We exceeded our fundraising goals! Thank-you!!!
Thank-you to everyone who came out to support our school at Junk 2 Funk. The kids were AMAZING!!
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