Webster Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization - the PTO

Our Mission: This organization shall work with the school to enhance the educational process by offering both volunteer and financial support.
Our next PTO meeting is in the fall, contact us if you wish to be notified when a date is set!!   Click to Get in Touch!!

Special shout out to Jen Carleton who has served the PTO diligently these past 6 years! The Middle School will be blessed to have you as a part of their community!

Best Wishes from all of us, we'll miss you!!

The Team


President – Christine Douglas

Vice President – Shawna Bowman

Treasurer – Sarah Mason

Secretary – Kristen Fleming

Volunteer Coordinator – Angie Wolinski

Supplemental Income Coordinator – Theresa Barger

We have a FULL BOARD!! Please contact us if you want to be a part of this great team and make school the education your kid deserves!

What is the Webster Elementary School PTO?

The WES PTO is a group of volunteers dedicated to support the Webster Elementary School. As with any PTO organization, we do our fair share of fundraising for the school, but we also do lots of other things to enhance the school community experience for our students and their families. 

Our Mission:

This organization shall work with the school to enhance the educational process by offering both volunteer and financial support.

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  Still not sure what the PTO does?

 Hosted a Back To School Family Night

 Distributed gift cards to all Classroom and Specials Teachers to replenish classroom supplies

 Hosted our I Love to Read Month guest poet, Ted Scheu

 Paid for the school-wide field trips to the Capital Center for the Arts AND the 5th grade class field trip!

 Hosted TWO Family Paint Nights

 Planned and executed the school Share Day

 Invited the Akwaaba African Drumming ensemble 

 Field Day Ice Cream Party with Miss Polly’s Traveling Treats

 Family Movie Night

 Popcorn Fridays

 If you want more details, come to our meetings! We'd love to hear your ideas!

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Image result for christmas basket

Raised over $300
Thank-you to everyone who came out for our Webster Holiday Fair and especially for those who 
participated in our Classroom Raffle Baskets. 

Image result for margherita's restaurant

 Raised just under $700
Family Night at Margaritas

Raised over $250
Wake up with the Wildcats

Related image

Family Movie Night
Mostly, we just wanted to have fun, but we also raised over $100

Image result for paint night images

Raised $280
Family Paint Night hosted at Webster Elementary School

Related image

Raised Almost $300
Pot of Gold Raffle for the month of March!!

Image result for box tops

Raised Over $200
Thanks for Clipping!!
Image result for kids with dad
By the way, Dads are ALWAYS welcome to help on the PTO at meetings and/or events! There are some things that Dads just do best! :-)